The Beauty of the Avanti EVO

Jet-Like Performance for 30% Less Operating Cost.

Since 2014, we have been the UK Sales Agent for the Avanti EVO for the British Isles.


Blending the renowned characteristics of Italian design, intricate craftsmanship and intelligent thinking, the refreshingly different Avanti EVO is an aircraft that stands in a class of its own. With greater range, faster climb, reduced fuel costs, lower noise footprint, advanced safety systems and a more spacious, luxurious cabin, the Avanti EVO is an aircraft pushing the boundaries of business jets.


The Avanti EVO is the fastest turboprop in the world. It exceeds speeds of 400KTAS – faster than many jet aircraft, flying at almost double the altitude of close competitors, 41,000ft, whilst returning significantly lower running costs. Piaggio Aerospace’s Avanti EVO is the latest chapter in the story of the aircraft which continues to rewrite the rulebook on aviation safety, elegance and practicality.


High fuel consumption is bad for the pocket, as well as the planet. The Avanti EVO is recognised by the industry as the most environmentally-sensitive aircraft available today, helping to reduce both your operating cost and carbon footprint. Laminar flow is achieved via a single aerodynamic curve that reduces drag and increases performance levels by 34%, compared to conventional designs. The Avanti EVO continues to appeal to those individuals and organisations who are also looking to comply with CSR Programs. Burning roughly 40% less fuel when flying, the Avanti EVO contributes positively to not only CSR programs, but also client consciousness.

The Avanti EVO boasts the best cabin height of its class. Offering a stand-up cabin height of 5ft 9in with a width of 6ft 1in, the Avanti EVO is a tardis. To put into context, the cabin of an Avanti EVO is a whole foot taller than that of the King Air 350i. Poltrona Frau leather and gloss finishes marry together to offer an exquisite interior which benefits from reduced noise due to the rear positioning of the engines.


Arrive at your destination feeling fresh. The cabin of the Avanti EVO has a pressure level of 9PSI. This means that at 24,000ft you are still at sea level. At maximum altitude of 41,000ft, the cabin altitude registers at 6,600ft.


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