Altitude Extra’s

Introducing the latest service offered by ConnectJets

With a penchant for both luxury travel and client satisfaction, the ConnectJets’ Altitude+ Programme continues to innovate our clients’ flight experience.


At ConnectJets, we strive for innovative solutions to combat adverse altitude effects and ensure our clients enjoy the best experience. It is common knowledge that cabin pressure affects your taste, scent and skin. Our Altitude+ Programme includes companies who offer products and services that are tried, tested and proven to retain their quality at altitude.


Our expert sommelier will carefully taste each option during a specific tasting flight to ensure quality and flavour is not affected at altitude. Whether your preference is a specialty grape that is grown above the clouds in the Himalayas, a classic French grape, or England’s finest sparkling wine, our sommelier has access to the finest options.


Drawing upon an understanding of the adverse effects on not only your body at altitude but also the food itself, our Aviation Nutritionist will prescribe the perfect onboard menu to suit your preferences whilst ensuring there is no compromise on the quality, when at altitude. Our Aviation Nutritionist works with the finest ingredients, offering clients the best seasonal produce when prescribing flight menus.


We are the first broker to introduce in-flight anti-pressurisation spa treatments, available upon request. These sought-after treatments relieve your skin from the stresses of altitude, leaving you looking and feeling fresh and rejuvenated upon arrival.

Jet Design

Our team work closely with a number of interior designers who, with a variety of styles and tastes, can transform your aircraft by full refurbishment, or accessorising straight from the factory.