Charter Tour Specialists


Since 2009, our team have proudly orchestrated landings into some of the most remote airfields in the World. From the freezing tundra of Antarctica to the topicality of Tuvalu Island; ConnectJets have become the go-to charter tour specialists for individuals and organisations who are looking to carve their own path of adventure travel.


ConnectJets continue to venture further than other brokers. Our bespoke approach to charter tours ensures our clients enjoy both ease and comfort when flying further, safe in the knowledge that our past experiences and trusted partners will perform with perfection.

In the Antarctic summer season of 2017, we worked with ConnectJets and their team to transfer clients from South Africa to Novo Runway, Antarctica. ConnectJets performed the charter with the utmost professionalism, successfully sourcing and safely arranging shuttle flights on a Falcon 7X to land on the ice runway owned by the National Antarctic programme. - Patrick Woodhead, CEO White Desert Ltd

Sit back and enjoy the grand production unfold outside of your window when flying to the most enviable places on Earth. We delve deeper into your destination, taking control of every key touchpoint and therefore making your journey just as memorable as the destination.


Looking to travel the extra mile? Whether you are 2 passengers or 100+, the ConnectJets Team look forward to exceeding your expectations and get you closer to the action.