A chocolate delight at altitude


Everyone has their favourite chocolate be it plain dark chocolate, a praline or truffle. But what about cardamon, olive oil and honey or maybe raspberry and black pepper?

MooCoco is a small exquisite chocolaterie based in Storrington, West Sussex producing traditional hand filled chocolate truffles and creations for all occasions … how chocolate should really taste! 

Kim, whom is MooCoco’s owner and chocolatier, was trained as a professional caterer who more than 15 years ago found chocolate the perfect medium to bring together an original traditional art with her flare for originality and creativity. “My grandfather was a whisky blender so I think I have inherited his nose and taste to put flavours together”, she reveals

Over the years she has won many awards worldwide, including numerous Great Taste awards, and both Silver & Bronze awards as well as many commendations from the Academy of Chocolate. Her rich dark Armagnac truffle is to die for…

Everything is made fresh on site using fresh ingredients and cream. “I don’t add fat or sugar, just a little butter” she says. “It is all freshly tempered chocolate originating from Africa, particularly Madagascar and Ghana. I get chocolate from where I know the people are paid fairly and it helps with schooling and the local infrastructure”

With everything made on site the chocolaterie oozes a unique smell of chocolate with a blend of nostalgia, luxury and indulgence. With her wealth of knowledge readily on hand, anyone visiting will experience a truly unique occasion in selecting for themself and their loved ones. It is more than just a chocolate shop, it is a haven and a sanctuary; a place of nostalgia, luxury and indulgence.

As for the name, Kim reveals that it has a family connection. “Well, my children used to call me ‘Mummoo’ which was shortened to ‘Moo’. When I was thinking of a name for the business, I decided that I liked the sound of MooCoco”

From velvety caramel, through to creamy truffle centres, each bite reveals a scrumptious and indulgent filling – many of which, have won awards! It is clear that everything chocolate is Kim’s passion.

“I absolutely love what I do and always have so many ideas as to what I want to do next!” she says alluding to her constantly innovating wonderful new flavour combinations to tantalize and titivate the taste buds. “I am not only passionate about creating high quality chocolates with exquisite flavours, I am also passionate about delivering the experience of the selecting and giving too”.  

Packaging the perfect gift with a satin ribbon, she envelopes a myriad of delights inside her signature chocolates, each creating a sumptuous outer shell which conceals a hidden surprise.

 For Every flight booked in May and to celebrate the Coronation – each client will receive a unique moococo chocolate gift for their journey.


Call: 01903 366962