Altitude+ and SHA Wellness Clinic

Tried & Tested by our very own CEO


Gabriella’s trip to SHA Wellness Clinic could not have been timelier – experiencing the SHA Approach to Health and Wellness will allow ConnectJets to extend and broaden the Altitude+ benefits on offer to our clients.

The vision for Altitude+ is to improve the client experience, by engaging with hand-selected partners, who we believe will provide our clients with the very best experiences to enjoy, at altitude.

The SHA Wellness Clinic is set near the town of Altea hosting amazing views from the pool terrace over the stunning bay of Altea and just a 50-minute drive from the private jet terminal (Alicante El-Altet), where you are met by the SHA chauffeur and taken to the SHA Wellness Clinic. Up0n arrival you are met by the clinical team and it is here your road to wellness begins. There is also a helicopter transfer option with a private helicopter pad available at the property.


Image Credit: SHA Wellness Clinic

There are some 93 suites, which are cool, contemporary and stylish – featuring A-la-carte music, a selection of pillows and mattresses to fit your needs and bathrooms with comfort lighting.A recent addition has been the SHA Residences which provide guests the opportunity to enjoy SHA’s wide array of health and wellness services and treatments without leaving your private residence, a wonderfully luxurious setting, complete with a private infinity pool and garden.


Image Credit: SHA Wellness Clinic

Guests are carefully prescribed a menu to complement their program – also taking into consideration their current medical status. Guests are served at the Shamadi restaurant – offering three types of healthy cuisine, SHA, Bio light and Kushi, with a setting that seeks to heal. The food is delightful and pleasing to the pallet, as is the presentation.


Image Credit: SHA Wellness Clinic

Your schedule is carefully planned for your programme, whether you are looking de-stress, reset, improve your fitness levels or lose weight, the SHA Wellness Clinic will manage your programme with tracked precision. As one client has said ‘they work miracles’.

Wellness is focused on three key areas, the mind (cognitive) the body (physical) and wellbeing (spiritual/ soul). The SHA Team are dedicated to ongoing investigation and innovation by adding new medical units and the latest in cutting-edge treatments. Their cognitive centre continues to study the link between nutrition and physical and mental health. ConnectJets are in discussion with SHAto see how we can adapt their approach to health in the cabin.


Image Credit: SHA Wellness Clinic

The experience at SHA is truly unforgettable, there are few holidays that have a positive lingering effect, post your return. It is not only a physical experience but an educational roadmap to ongoing health and wellbeing. The body is the most wonderful machine that considering the stresses of life, performs exceptionally well with a huge degree of resilience. However, the environment and constant humdrum of life can weaken our immune systems and with the rise of inflammatory disorders, never has there been a more perfect time to enter into a wellness programme that can change your body from low performance to peak performance and lengthen your life.

SHA Wellness Clinic is a true centre of excellence, expertise and exceptional service which really is changing lives.

ConnectJets in partnership with SHA Wellness Clinic are looking to investigate how we can prevent the negative effects of altitude on the body. Health and Wellness have quickly become a popular trend throughout our society, with aviation being one of the last industries to adhere to these newly-adopted societal norms.

It is widely accepted that flying, particularly for extended periods, can lead to fatigue, an impaired ability to digest and detoxify, dehydration, reduced mental acuity and poor immunity. Both the environment and nutrition play a huge part in our long-term health and well-being. With the negative environmental factors which come into play at altitude, it is even more important for ConnectJets to create a well-balanced nutritional programme, matched with prescribed wines that are guaranteed to not lose their quality at altitude, and techniques which marry together to combat these stress factors for our clients, especially for the regular flyer.

Nutrition at Altitude

ConnectJets work closely with The Aviation Nutritionist™, creating menu options and offering nutritional advice on maintaining peak performance at altitude with cuisines from around the world, providing food that is rich in antioxidants – bringing tasty, satisfying food to the consumer. Our food has a strong focus on maintaining appropriate sugar levels, limiting stimulants, providing dairy, wheat and gluten free products whilst ensuring they are responsibly sourced. ConnectJets will be working with SHA to further enhance our nutritional programme and adapt to a whole food and plant-based diet plan.


Image Credit: ConnectJets

Wine at Altitude

ConnectJets, being the first company to host an official wine tasting at Altitude with our onboard sommelier Mr Tom Harrow, are now looking into the Organic and biodynamic wines. Organic and biodynamic wines are produced from the healthiest, most robust and least chemically manipulated grapes, so ensuring the best quality raw ingredients.  This leads to high-quality wines with plenty of character and the ability to withstand the rigours of altitude.

Champagnes or other quality sparkling wines that have been matured in oak and spent a long time on their lees are better suited for consumption in the air.  The oak acts as a sort of armour for the wine, giving it the structure it needs to be less diminished by the effects on your palate in a cabin.  Meanwhile extended maturation on the yeasts helps lock more aromatic compounds into the liquid, which would otherwise be more quickly lost with the rapid dissipation of the mousse at lower pressure.

With these factors in mind – the prestige cuvée Millesimato (vintage) wines from Italy’s Franciacorta, which is aiming to become the world’s first 100% organic region, are highly recommended.  Matured in oak and spending a long time on the lees (minimum 30 months but in practice 48-60 months is not uncommon), they are also low in sugar as the naturally ripe fruit means that a minimal dosage is added after disgorgement.  They are of course also delicious!

Cognitive Therapy at Altitude

Lifestyle and nutrition, as well as genetics, determine our health and well-being. The SHA Method combines the most effective and proven natural therapies with highly therapeutic nutrition, without setting aside the latest advancement s in Western medicine, especially with regard to preventative, genetic and anti-ageing medicine. The coordinated and supervised fusion of these therapies is able to notably strengthen the positive impact that these therapies would have had individually.

Flying does not only illicit some negative effects onto the body physically, but for some clients it can affect their mental health, commonly referred to as the “fear of flying”. This can bring feelings of dread, unease as well as claustrophobia. Working with SHA Wellness Clinic brings the opportunity for passengers to hear from Prof. Bruno Riberio a team leader at the Cognitive Improvement Unit presenting programmes to address the fear of flying and providing techniques to overcome these thoughts.

The ConnectJets Team are extremely excited to be working with SHA Wellness Clinic to devise a programme which implements the SHA philosophy at altitude, tapping into the medical science that the SHA Wellness Team have expertly devised over a number of years and applying these to the Altitude+ programme.

For more information, please visit the SHA Wellness Clinic website here.