ConnectJets & Rose Partners; the approach to security

The convenience of chartering a private aircraft, for business or pleasure, is obvious. You can fly from convenient private airfields, as well as major airports, to almost anywhere at the time you choose and without accompanying passengers.

But what of security? How do you ensure your own safety and the safety of those travelling with you? And what should you do when travelling with works of art, jewellery or other especially valuable items?  Can you rest assured that your broker is following the correct security protocols when arranging your travel schedule? ConnectJets work closely with Rose Partners to ensure we have every angle covered.

ConnectJets & Rose Partners; the approach to security

It’s worth taking the time to make sure the private aircraft company you engage has a sensible approach to security. When private aircraft operate into and out of major international airports they are subject to similar, if not identical, requirements as scheduled service airlines. However, when operating into states where there are few regulatory requirements and into small airfields and airstrips, our team are on hand to ensure every aspect of security is considered and accounted for.

ConnectJets have extensive experience in safely and securely arranging the successful transfer of passengers and goods. Attention to detail is undoubtedly paramount when chartering aircraft and ConnectJets are proud to be recognised as an industry leader for this very reason. Working with Rose Partners ensures that our client security measures whilst travelling are without peer.

It is prudent to make sure that a private aviation company you might be engaging has a policy on security that addresses the full range of security risks, including background checking of their flight and cabin crews, an area of chartering that is standard practice for ConnectJets.

When transporting goods between countries, a higher level of risk is expected. Ensure that your broker accounts for all eventualities and ultimately acts as the conduit for the full journey, from insurances, liabilities, flight plans, onboard security and ground security for both the passengers and goods. Working with Rose Partners, ConnectJets ensures that no stone is left unturned.