The New Riviera Airport

Operated by HADID, Riviera Executive Aviation has been formed to develop and manage the executive aviation services at Riviera Airport including a new Executive Aviation Terminal, commonly referred to as a Fixed-Base Operator or FBO. The Riviera Airport is the home of Piaggio Aerospace and the Avanti EVO, the Italian-manufactured aircraft for which ConnectJets are the Exclusive Sales Agent in the UK & Territories

Riviera Airport, located in Villanova d’Albenga in Liguria, is the first and only privatised airport in Italy dedicated to General Aviation. It serves the Italian Riviera and provides a discreet transit to Monaco and the French Riviera.

The airport has ambitious and unique development plans to become a major hub for General Aviation in the region. A new terminal, hangars and maintenance facilities, as well as other major infrastructures, are planned. Additionally, the extension of the runway from 1500m to 1700m and the upgrade of navigational aids are the first strategic investments scheduled to facilitate landing and take-off operations and to better support long-haul private flights.

Mohamad Hadid, Chairman of HADID commented, “This is a unique venture we are very excited to be part of. Riviera Airport has significant potential to become the foremost General Aviation airport in the region. HADID and Riviera Airport S.p.A share the vision of grand infrastructural development that will serve the region’s growing demand for General Aviation and it will ultimately benefit the local economy and community”.

Clemens Toussaint, Chairman of Riviera Airport S.p.A remarked, “We are delighted to develop this beautiful airport on the Italian coastline together with our new partner from Dubai. HADID, a leader in private aviation services will provide all future guest services at the highest professional level in the industry and will be the cornerstone to make the development of Riviera Airport a success”.