Off-Piste in Patagonia with PELORUS & ConnectJets

Explore the best of Argentinian and Chilean Patagonia with PELORUS, using ConnectJets to combine three contrasting environments: the sprawling wine regions of Mendoza; the glacial lakes and picturesque mountains of Bariloche; and the rugged wilderness of Torres del Paine. You will experience the most authentic Patagonian experiences coupled with world-class hospitality and cuisine.

Begin your adventure by flying into the heart of southern Patagonia. Declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO, Torres del Paine National Park is recognised as one of the most beautiful places on the planet. A paradise of 227,298 hectares and exceptional geography of imposing massifs, virgin forests and turquoise lakes. The hiking, biking and mountaineering possibilities here are endless. Head out on a series of incredible treks with a specialist tracker in search of the elusive Patagonian puma, or try fly fishing with a private guide on remote pristine rivers. Take a helicopter to a glacial lagoon to kayak in complete isolation to waterfalls and glacial walls. From here you will hike up to the edge of a glacier to enjoy a gourmet lunch set up for you, before donning crampons to ice-trek across the majestic blue hues of the glacier itself. Stop for a seafood and gin tasting on the ice before returning to the helicopter to fly back to your private luxury villa.



From here you will fly north to Bariloche in the Argentinian Lake district for fishing, rafting and kayaking in crystal clear waters, surrounded by vast mountain ranges. Spend a day exploring Nahuel Huapi Lake on a private motor yacht and stop off on its islands for hiking and spotting wildlife. You’ll have a gourmet lunch cooked for you on the shores of a private beach, before returning to a luxurious Argentine mountain lodge. The next day, explore these epic surrounds on horseback, taking you deeper into the wilderness to reach an exclusive luxury camp set up for you, where you will spend a night under the stars, with an in-depth commentary by an expert astrologer. The next day you will hike, abseil, kayak and 4×4 your way back to civilisation.



To finish, relax with a few days at the base of the majestic Andes in Mendoza’s prestigious Uco Valley, where you’ll sip the finest wines, explore glorious terrain, and enjoy exemplary service in rustic luxury. Gallop through the vineyards into the rugged countryside and up to the mountains of nearby Manzano Historico, guided by authentic Argentine gauchos. Stop at the top of a peak with spectacular views for a traditional asado; (open-flame bbq pits), before returning to the winery for a private tour and tasting; where you will learn everything, from growing to bottling. One thing you can be assured of on this trip is that the cuisine will be incredible, and the scenery equally as alluring. Patagonia is an amazing part of the world, where nature still rules, the opportunities for adventure and endless and gastronomy is taken very seriously.

For more information on the Patagonia trip, visit the PELORUS website or contact ConnectJets for your personal introduction.

Best time to go: Dec-March