Orbis: Visions of Zambia

International sight saving charity Orbis recently collaborated with portrait artist Tim Benson to hold an exhibition at London’s Mall Galleries.  Tim, Vice President of the Royal Institute of Oil Painters, is a practiced figurative artist committed to using his paintings to tell the stories of people from across the world

The collection of 20 stunning oil paintings was inspired by the people Tim met on a visit to Orbis’s work in Zambia, and proceeds from sales of the artwork support Orbis’s work across the world.

Each portrait tells the story of a child or adult who had sight-saving surgery, or of one of the local health workers trained by medical volunteers from Orbis.  Specialised paediatric services were virtually non-existent in the country before Orbis established the only children’s eye care centre in 2011.

The event was a great success, and there is still an opportunity to support the project by purchasing one of the 10 artworks which are still available to buy.  Please visit the artist’s website to view images of all the artworks, indicating which are still available http://timbenson.co.uk/visions-of-zambia/.

If you are interested in finding out more about any of the portraits, or would like to visit Tim at his studio to view the art please email Emma on ehett@orbis.org.uk

ConnectJets were delighted to attend the Vision of Zambia event and learn more about the inspiring work that Orbis work so hard to achieve. We are very much looking forward to providing monthly updates from Orbis via our new website blog page.

For more information on Orbis, please feel free to email either Emma at ehett@orbis.org.uk , or the ConnectJets Team at connect@connectjets.com.