Ao Yun – a wine “flying above the clouds”

First referred to in James Hilton’s 1933 novel, Lost Horizon, Shangri-La has become synonymous with earthly paradise, an ideal utopia of peace and harmony. Away from time and the ravages of man, Shangri-La is the proverbial promised land — a beacon of purity and happiness beyond the “lost horizon” of civilisation.

The journey of Ao Yun began with a question: what does it take to make a world-class wine in China? It took four years of trekking across the vast expanses of China for our founder, to find what we were looking for: a region with the ideal terroir for genuinely world-class red wines. We couldn’t have found a more perfect, challenging or mystical land. Located on the northern edges of China’s Yunnan province, we found our very own Shangri-La.

Located in the impassable, far- flung Himalayas and nestled next to Meili Mountain, this unique setting presented an unprecedented challenge in setting up a winery in the sky.

Travelling by precariously winding dirt roads, we staked our vineyards in villages with neither road nor electricity. This was a new frontier in winemaking— with 25% less oxygen at such heights, all notions of traditional winemaking were off – limits , requiring experimentation and rewriting.

It was this bold spirit of discovery that led us above the clouds. At 2,600 meters, we created one of the highest wineries of the world, suspended between sky and earth.

ConnectJets are delighted to have partnered with Moët & Hennessy, offering this very special wine to our clients. Grown at altitude, this Chinese wine is perfect to enjoy at altitude.

For more information, please visit the Moët & Hennessy website, or the ConnectJets Team;