Kasperskian Caviar with Life

For millions of years, the Rhone river in Switzerland was home to sturgeons. Human influences caused their population to decline. After years of research, Kasperskian succeeded in bringing the sturgeon to its heritage region.

In the picturesque canton of Valais, they created a new habitat for this endangered species. Pure waters of the Swiss Alps, excellent food and efforts of our top experts are reflected in the caviar’s quality. Kasperskian do not only produce what is probably the best caviar in the world, but also ensure that the sturgeon continue to live

Kasperskian are the only certified producer of Caviar with Life – using a patented method that allows to harvest caviar naturally, without harming the fish. They also limit their environmental footprint by using solar panels to produce their own electricity and by treating their waters in order to preserve the local flora and fauna.

It is luxurious, pure and preservative-free. The Kasperskian sturgeon live in sparkling clean waters and are fed a high quality diet. Unlike many producers, we use no preservatives, only a little salt.

The combination of ethical care and environment is seen in the purity of taste and texture of Kasperskian Caviar. Every pearl has its special character. Nothing is added to nature’s creation other than a little salt, making it a truly unequalled gastronomic luxury.

Kasperskian is pleased to partner with ConnectJets to provide caviar at altitude, a unique gastronomic experience in the air. Paired with a glass of Exton Park Brut Reserve NV or Ca del Bosco Annamaria Clementi 2008, Kasperskian caviar is a delicious choice your journey!

For more information, please visit Kasperskian Caviar or contact the Kasperskian Team at uksales@kasperskian.com.