Inherently Italian


Elite RetrEat Italia is the result of a tremendous passion for Italy and its unique heritage. We specialise in curating imaginative and bespoke experiences in Italy in the world of travel and events. Our goal is to showcase artisanal excellence while pushing the boundaries of experiential engagement.

Imagine landing at Villanova, the home of the Avanti where after a tour of the factory you will head to the coast and board a yacht to experience a gourmet tour where a chef and onboard ommelier will take you on a journey through the Ligurian coast, sampling the best local wines and delicious dishes, of course cooked with the freshest of ingredients.

For large families, nothing beats the privacy and comfort of a private villa. Why not head to Sardinia or the Amalfi Coast and relax in one of the many stunning villas with the opportunity of having in-house entertaining be it painting, Italian and cooking classes or for the more active yoga and other sports activities.

What makes Italy so special is that it can be visited all year around. October and November for food and wine lovers represent the perfect time to indulge in mouth-watering white truffles and sublime olive oils and wines. The regions or Piemonte and Tuscany come to live with the opportunity of participating in truffle hunting experiences or private meals at some of the best vineyards.

Of course, a special celebration requires a special place. How about celebrating a birthday party in one of Venice’s most beautiful palaces on the Grand Canal or perhaps having a private after hour access to the Vatican followed by dinner one of Rome’s most incredible terraces with views over the eternal city?

We are delighted to be working with ConnectJets and offering clients the opportunity to experience the very best of Italy. For more information or for a personal itinerary, please contact the Elite RetrEat Team via their website.