Venture Beyond the Extraordinary

Cookson Adventures

Adventure and luxury: Cookson Adventures believe you can have both. ConnectJets are delighted to be working with this innovative experiential company and we invite you to begin your adventure here…

Since 2009, we’ve dared to be different, exploring the unknown to provide our clients with irreplaceable memories. Anyone can travel, but not everyone knows how to explore. It’s why Henry founded Cookson Adventures – to elevate adventure and deliver something new.

Whether it’s reaching the summit of an unconquered mountain or diving to shipwrecks in the world’s most advanced submersibles, we design adventures limited only by the bounds of imagination. From rehoming giant tortoises in the Galápagos Islands to being one of the first outsiders initiated into a remote Papua New Guinea tribe, we know that incomparable experiences stay with you for a lifetime. Their team will help you discover an adventure created just for you, from the first conversation to the first day of your journey.


To find out more or to discover alternate adventures, contact the ConnectJets team for a personal introduction to Cookson Adventures.

If Antarctica is too cold for your taste, please visit the Cookson Adventures website to discover a multitude of breathtaking adventures on offer, in all corners of the globe.