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Gabriella Somerville

Gabriella Somerville

As Founder and Managing Director of ConnectJets, Gabriella brings over 20 years experience in commercial and business aviation.

At Virgin Atlantic in 1988, Gabriella fulfilled a natural passion for aviation, serving as an integral member of the Cabin Crew promotional team. In 1995, moving to British Airways, she spent the next six years in various roles, including Fleet Manager, Customer Services Manager and a much-coveted post working with Special Services.

In 2005, Gabriella went on to launch a boutique events management start up, creating bespoke events for private jet and concierge agencies throughout markets in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Cool Eventz was tailored to the luxury market, with Gabriella leading teams based in the UK and France.

In 2007, Gabriella joined Bombardier Skyjet International, the private jet charter division of the world's largest business jet manufacturer. As Client Relationship Manager, Gabriella handled the critical relationship between the private jet charter company and its Clients. Combining aviation industry expertise with exceptional client relationship skills, Gabriella introduced a new customer relations strategy to develop future business growth opportunities throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa. As Vice President Program Sales for Vistajet, Gabriella helped to establish VistaJet programmes in London and Southern UK markets, developing significant alliances with key luxury partners.

Gabriellas' vision for ConnectJets was borne out of her passion for private aviation. ConnectJets is Gabriella's' platform for presenting the private jet model to a wider audience, by simplifying the process and delivering a competitive and client focused service. Key to enhancing Connectjets leading position is Gabriella's continuing commitment to develop innovative new products and services, leverage the potential of emerging markets, and build value-added quality partnerships. ConnectJets are the official agents for Piaggio Avanti II and Piaggio Avanti EVO in the UK, Channel Islands, Ireland and the Isle of Man.

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